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Take Control of Your Freezer – Expand your horizons.

Your freezer can keep more than popsicles and pizza for you. Did you know that with certain simple precautions, you can freeze butter? Milk? Cheese? Why not buy these items en masse when they go on sale today and reap the benefits tomorrow. A few tips to remember:

  • No matter how low the sale price, it is only a deal if you can afford to pay for it today. Instead of stocking up on everything that is on sale this week, start small if that is what your budget permits. If milk, cheese and butter are all on sale, but you only have $10 extra to spend on groceries, just pick one item and buy the extra inventory you can. If you do this each week as you have extra money and as things are on sale, eventually you will have a freezer full of things you can use that you bought for way below retail.
  • With dairy items, only buy what you will realistically use in the next two months. According to Kraft’s website, their block and shredded cheeses may safely be frozen that long in the original, unopened packages.  Schepp’s Dairy’s customer service line confirmed that their milk and butter can be frozen safely for up to two months. On milk, take these simple precautions before freezing:
    • Open the container and pour out one cup per gallon, as the milk expands as it freezes. Place a small piece of plastic wrap over the container opening, and then put the lid back on.
    • Freeze in an upright position.
    • Thaw in the refrigerator over several days. Once thawed, use within one week.
    • In whole milk, fats may separate slightly upon thawing. Shake well before serving. This is not an issue with low-fat or fat-free varieties.