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Make Your Own Sales – Part 1

Everyone seems to be looking for ways to cut costs in the current economic crisis. Have you looked at your spending and thought, “What is left to cut?” If you are like most shoppers, your grocery bill can be cut dramatically without sacrificing quality and variety for your family.

If someone offered you $10 to $20 each week to make one small change to your grocery shopping, would you do it? That could be $500 to $1,000 per year. That is what I save for my family each week by using this tip. Commit to trying it for the next four weeks and see how much you save.

Check the sales. Each week, grocery stores compete for your hard-earned shopping dollars by printing flyers that show all their sales. If you are in the DFW area and would like to receive these flyers delivered to your home for free, go to  The Dallas Morning News recently started printing “The Briefing,” a smaller scaled-down version of their traditional paper. Instead of daily delivery, “The Briefing” is only delivered Wednesday thru Saturday. If your home is within the delivery area, you may be able to receive it for free. Why does this matter? The Wednesday edition of “The Briefing” contains the grocery store ads, which are like gold to the shopper who has learned to use them.

We discussed in a prior posting the importance of making a list before shopping. It keeps you focused in the store and helps you buy only what you need, not what the grocery store wants you to take home. Hopefully you have adopted this habit and are considering each week what you need for the meals you plan to cook as well as for special items, like cookies for the potluck at your office or poster board for your child’s school project.

After your essentials are on your list, sit down for fifteen minutes with a marker and pen and go thru each store’s ad. Even if you do not regularly shop that store, still go thru the ad. You are looking in particular for anything that your family use regularly, which includes paper goods, cleaning products, dairy items and meats, produce…you name it.  As you find an item on sale that you use regularly, make a note on your grocery list of which store (I abbreviate with the first letter of the store’s name), the item, the item’s size (the nine ounce bag of your favorite chips may be on sale, not the sixteen ounce size), and price.