Take Control of Your Freezer – Clean out before you clean up on sales.

The freezer is often the least-examined, most often forgotten section of anyone’s kitchen. How often have you opened it and winced in pain as frozen blocks fell out onto your big toe?  Have you ever found something buried in the back of your freezer that is months past its expiration date or that you do not remember buying?

Take a few minutes to seriously look inside and see what you have. You do not have to clean out the entire freezer at once; commit to cleaning out one shelf a day, fifteen minutes at a time. Throw away anything that you know you will not use or that has spoiled due to freezer burn. As you find things frozen in large plastic containers or cardboard boxes, re-package them in smaller freezer zip-top bags.

Take stock. Once you know what you have, make a list. If you have a freezer full of chicken breasts, it does not matter how cheaply you can find them on sale if you do not need them. Consider keeping a short list on the front of your freezer that lists your “extra stock” of items you find on sale. This helps you remember to only buy what you need and can readily use.


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