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Did You Say BUDGET?

Man on BudgetFor most, “budget” makes them cringe and feel either angry or sick.  Sound familiar?

As you work with your bankruptcy attorney to improve your finances, a budget can keep you moving forward.  Let’s look at common reasons budgets fail, and how to make a budget your friend instead of your enemy.

1. Unrealistic expectations. Don’t start a budget in the land of “should”…I should be able to live on this; this should be enough for groceries; I should be able to eat every meal at home. Sound unrealistic?  For a budget to work, it must start in reality, where you are today.  For the next 30 days, write down everything you buy and what it costs, from 50¢ for a soda to your housing.  Then add all your expenses up, breaking them down into categories:  eating out, groceries, dry cleaning, utilities, payments on existing debt, gasoline, kids’ lunch money, home maintenance, etc.  This is your “Monthly Expense Sheet” First Draft. (more…)